• Sedation Dentistry by Our Prosper Dentist: Overcoming Dental Fears

  • Some people avoid going to the dentist simply because they are afraid. Your Prosper dentist has dealt with these phobias and anxieties before and offers sedation dentistry to make your visit more pleasant.

    People have many reasons why they avoid trips to the dentist, even if the visits are only for cleaning and checkups.  The longer they wait to seek dental care, the more they are at risk of dental problems.  The problems might be minor, but the longer one goes without care, the more severe the problems may become.

    Tooth decay, periodontal issues, and even worse problems may result from succumbing to fears.  With today’s dental technology, there is no reason to avoid dental care…especially with “sedation dentistry” now readily available.

    So, what is sedation dentistry?  Simply stated, sedation dentistry is the use of a safe medication administered to the patient, helping the patient reach a deep relaxed state.  The medication is either taken orally or inhaled.   When taken orally, children are usually given a liquid medication like Versed (Medazolan); adults are usually given Halcion (triazolam).  The inhalation approach typically uses Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (laughing gas) to relax the patient.

    Versed isn’t just used for children’s sedation dentistry.  It is commonly given to children before medical procedures, including surgery.  It will cause drowsiness and relieve anxiety often preventing any memory of the event.  A positive side effect might be that children don’t experience many of the fears adults developed as a result of listening to the grinding of the dentist’s drill.

    Halcion, used often for adult sedation, is otherwise prescribed for people experiencing infrequent insomnia.  It has a relatively short “half-life” (pharmacologist jargon for its effective duration), hence is an excellent tool in the dental chair.

    More people are familiar with Nitrous Oxide.  It is naturally occurring and very safe.  It is perhaps the safest sedative in dentistry as well as the most frequently used.

    Being comfortable and relaxed means patients are more likely to see their family dentist on a regularly scheduled basis.  One might say that greater comfort experienced during a dental appointment might allow for less anxiety about visiting the dentist…resulting in improvement in the patient’s overall health.

    It is no surprise that family dentists are using more and more sedation dentistry.  They care about their patients, including the patient’s dental health and comfort.  Consider asking your Prosper dentist whether sedation dentistry is the best alternative for you.

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