Ridge Augmentation

What is Ridge Augmentation?

After a tooth has been removed, the underlying alveolar bone is left empty, which can cause a sunken-in appearance to the inside jaw. In order for dental implants and dentures to fit properly, ridge augmentation may be required to help rebuild this alveolar bone and prevent it from looking sunken-in. The procedure is relatively common and is often performed after extractions or before having dental implants placed.

Why is Ridge Augmentation needed?

The reason you may need ridge augmentation is because you’re looking to have dental implants placed. In order for these implants to heal properly, they need enough healthy bone to fuse with over the course of a few months. If you’re lacking bone in the area where the implant is needed, ridge augmentation can prevent the implant from failing. This provides the implant with the much needed bone that is needs to heal successfully.

What Is Ridge Augmentation
Why Is Ridge Augmentation Needed

Who is a candidate for Ridge Augmentation?

With the help of an examination as well as dental x-rays, we can determine if ridge augmentation is necessary. If you need the procedure done, we often recommend having it performed prior to any type of implant surgery. If you’re wearing ill-fitting dentures or just can’t seem to wear a denture that’s comfortable, ridge augmentation can help to create a more stabilized surface for the dentures to sit.

What happens during Ridge Augmentation?

The procedure involves numbing the area with a localized anesthetic. Bone graft material is placed directly in the tooth socket, often immediately following extractions. The soft tissue of gums is placed over the new grafted material and sutures are placed to ensure that it heals correctly. Once healed, the newly formed alveolar bone can be prepped for a dental implant or provide you with a secure foundation for dentures. The procedure is done quickly and easily in our office, and we may even suggest having it done during the extraction process to prevent unnecessary follow-up appointments.

If you think you might benefit from ridge augmentation, call us today so that we can help to answer any other questions you may have.