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There may be times when preventive and routine dental care is not enough to improve the health of your smile. This is particularly true as we age. At some point, you may require oral surgery in Prosper. Dr. Campbell’s team includes dentists like Dr. David Roberts who have trained extensively in oral surgery. We bring the specialists to you so that you can come to the dental office where you feel safe and still receive the specialized care you need. Trust our team for:

  • Three levels of sedation so you feel comfortable while we work.
  • All of your care under one roof!
  • A warm and caring staff who stay focused on your experience.

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Extract Your Wisdom Tooth in Complete Comfort

Extractions are one of the most common oral surgeries we perform. From a simple single tooth extraction to removing four impacted wisdom teeth, we can do it all. You might need a tooth to be removed if it is damaged beyond repair or if it is causing other oral health concerns. During the procedure, you will be completely comfortable with one of our oral sedation options. Ask us about dental implant options to restore your smile after the extraction!

Prepare Your Mouth For Dental Restorations

After a tooth is extracted or lost, it leaves behind a problematic space in your jaw bone. We often need to go in and repair that damage with ridge augmentation or simple bone grafts. This procedure will build up your bone so that you can have a more comfortably fitting denture. It is also a very common procedure before placing a dental implant, which needs a secure foundation in the bone in order to be successful.

A sinus lift is another common oral surgery procedure that may need to be done before a dental implant is placed in your upper jaw. In this procedure, we are creating more space for the implant by adding bone to your upper jaw. It will lift and protect the floor of your sinuses and provide a stronger foundation for the implant.

Repair Receding Gums With a Gum Graft

Receding gums can happen to just about anyone. Gum recession is often caused by advanced periodontal disease, but it can also occur due to years of aggressive brushing or even genetics! Regardless of the cause, it is important to rebuild your gum tissue to a healthy level. The more sensitive areas of your teeth rely on your gums for protection.

In order to restore health and function, we may recommend a gum graft. During this procedure, the surgeon will attach a small piece of tissue (usually from the roof of your mouth) to your existing gums. The graft will fill in where the recession took place and will create a natural solution to the problem.

Trust Dr. Campbell and his team when you need oral surgery in Prosper. To reach 380 Family Dentistry, call 972-433-0998 or fill out our online form.

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