Caries Tratment

The DECAY Dental is one of the most common diseases in the world. Despite the false myths that exist about this, it can be said that, except in specific cases, they are avoidable. Although some are formed by genetic inheritance but, the majority (about 90 percent), are due to incorrect oral health habits. In this way, the main cause of tooth decay is the accumulation of bacterial plaque in the tissues, which causes the destruction of tooth enamel. However, following oral hygiene habits and visiting the dentist as often as possible can stop their development and prevent their appearance.

Do not forget that tooth decay has an infectious origin, because it is due to the accumulation of bacterial plaque and the attack that these microorganisms carry out on the dental structure through the acid they produce when digesting food. Consequently, caries treatment will always consist of two parts: the elimination of the infection and the repair and reconstruction of the affected tooth so that it fully recovers its functionality.

The dentist will decide the treatment to follow based on two variables. The first is the assessment of the degree of involvement of the tooth, which is done by careful exploration and the support of an x-ray of the tooth. The other refers to children and is to determine if the affected part is a permanent or a tooth of milk and in the latter case if the roots have formed completely, because if so, the treatment will be different from that of adults.


Caries Treatment: Dental Empaste

Caries Cravity

Depending on the damage suffered by tooth enamel, a treatment for tooth decay or other will be performed. A priori, the signs of the existence of caries are not usually evident, so it is necessary to visit the dentist to detect it. When it advances, a cavity is formed in the tooth that usually causes discomfort and / or pain. The filling is the treatment that is usually performed during the first phase of caries. In this case, the area is anesthetized to subsequently eliminate caries by milling with a lathe. Once the decay has disappeared, the gap that is left in the tooth is filled and the material is polished.

Caries In Acute Phases: Endodontics And Exodontics

Endodontics and exodontics are procedures performed on teeth with acute or irreversible damage. The first, tries to recover the affected tooth and is commonly known as “kill the nerve.” Therefore, endodontics is the treatment of the pulp, which is the innermost part of the tooth, to numb it. On the other hand, exodontics is the treatment that the tooth damaged by caries receives when nothing can be done for it, that is, its extraction. In any case, the most important thing when carrying out a caries treatment is still the preventive exercise and visit the dentist frequently, for an early detection of the pathology.